Three things you can do with curtains that don’t involve windows

If you’re looking for new decor ideas, look no further than your window. Those curtains that you thought only had one purpose just got a little more versatile. Here are some other ways you can use curtains in your home. 


Obviously a curtain will not fully replace the a door, but if you have a doorway in your home that needs something in it, and you don’t want to buy a new door, why not use a curtain. Whether it’s an ensuite bathroom, a closet or a bedroom, curtains can serve as doors to any room. 

Not only will they save you money, but they will help your home breathe a little better, allowing air to flow freely through. Depending on your current decor, you can also use the curtain to work with the colours and style that you have in place. 

Room Dividers

You may have a room in your house that serves multiple purposes. Curtains will allow you to divide place without changing the infrastructure of your home. 

If your kids share a room, or your laundry machines are in a room that you use often, throw a set of curtains up to divide the space. This will maintain privacy where it’s needed and help you use space more efficiently without making ay drastic changes. 


Want that canopy look for your bed? Rather than buying a new bed, you can just add curtains! If you don’t have rods surrounding your bed already, you can easily build them into the headboard with wood panels and curtain rods. 

Hanging curtains around your bed will give you that elegant canopy look at a much more appealing cost than buying a whole new bed. 

Curtains are more than just windows covers. It’s time to discover how you can use them in your home away from the windows. Check out our catalog and discover what else you can do with your curtains.