Hardware: European Flare

The days of purchasing curtains from one place, and the steel rods to hang them on from another are over. Lite Out now carries these rods, in addition to high-quality curtains. We are making it easier for your to find a complete set of curtains, and everything you need for them, without any hassle. 

We now carry a variety of steel rods for curtains, in many different styles. Each piece offers a unique and subtle European style, adding versatility and authenticity to your decor. And unlike before, you can now purchase these rods along with your curtains. Shopping for new curtains has never been more convenient. 

Curtain rods are often sold separately from the curtains themselves. Although this means you can find them in more locations, it also means you have less control over what you’re buying.

When you buy curtain rods separately, you’re buying rods that were made to fit or match any kind of curtain. They are therefore less customized to the specific curtains you’ve purchased. Our curtain rods work best with our unique, functional and stylish curtains. 

What makes Lite Out curtain rods unique is the way in which they attach to your wall. While most curtain rods attach to your walls using screws, Lite Out curtain rods use brackets. These brackets cause less damage to your wall, and provide added security in holding up the curtain rods. 

Our curtain rods are also much more subtle than the rods typically found elsewhere. They are designed to help hide the hardware from plain sight, leaving the focus on the curtains, rather than what’s holding them up. 

Check out the many different styles of rods we offer, and find your perfect curtains easier than ever before.