Are these curtains really blackout?


This is a question we get a lot. These curtains are for all intents and purposes blackout. They have been designed with a lining that keeps out light and in turn will reduce your energy costs. For the best results, we recommend purchasing enough panels that will cover 2-3 times the width of your window to allow for more full coverage. This will lead to a darker room and thus a better sleep, or improved TV viewing.


Which curtains will give me the most blackout effect?


All the curtains have been designed the same way so they will all help darken your room and save you on energy. However, if you choose one of the darker shades of fabric, you may have even better results with room darkening.


What makes liteout different than what I see at the big box stores?


Most energy saving curtains that you would find at the big box retailers have been coated with a thermal foam backing. This is an inexpensive way to line a fabric and provide you with some room darkening and energy saving properties. The down side of this is that it is limiting on the types of fabrics that can be coated, as well as makes the curtain have an incredibly stiff feel. Liteout is a separate soft liner that is designed to move with the fabric and leave it draping beautifully.


How many curtains should I buy to cover my window?


It is important to pay attention to the width of the curtain. Unlike the big box stores, our curtains are full width, which is typically 52”. We recommend purchasing 2-3 times the width of your window to create a nice full look.


What if my curtains are damaged or I do not like them. What is your return policy?


Firstly, we are sorry that you are not completely satisfied. We will issue a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. Please see our return policy for further information.


How do I wash my curtains?


All of our curtains are made from easy care fabrics like cotton and polyester. All the curtains are machine washable in a cold gentle cycle, and then should be hung up to dry.


Do you sell your curtains in pairs?

Even though most people purchase more than one panel, we sell our curtains individually. This gives the customer flexibility to order an odd amount. We do however offer free shipping with the purchase of 2 or more panels on ALL our styles.

What is a triple layer or a three pass blackout?

There are many different qualities out there when it comes to foam backing or blackout. The big box stores tend to sell a 2 pass blackout. This reduces the cost but it is also much less effective when it comes to blocking light. A two pass blackout is essentially two layers of white foam backing applied to the fabric, where as a three pass applies a layer of black in between the two white layers. This makes the curtain block light while still maintaining a white backing.

Are there any harmful chemicals in the materials used for the backing? There is a slight odour.

The answer is no. There are no chemicals used to make the foam backing, and it is not toxic at all. It is made using a water based solution.  There may be a slight odour for a few hours after removing the curtains from the packaging but it should go away relatively quickly.

The curtain has creases when I took it out of the packaging.

No worries there. Just hang the curtains and they will iron themselves out, or if you cannot wait just pass a warm (not hot) iron over them and work out the wrinkles.


What is CA 50708 ?

You may find product in the market with this number on the packaging. It belongs to Teximage which is the parent company of Liteout. This number has been registered with the Canadian government as our manufacturing id to protect consumers.