How to make curtains work with your decor

Curtains are a key feature in any room. They let you control the amount of light that gets in, help insulate your home and add a unique element to your home decor. But it can be difficult to find the right curtains to match your style. So, we’ve put together a short list ways you can make curtains work with your home decor. 


The first thing you need to consider is the purpose that these curtains will serve. Are they being used simple to block out light? Insulate a room? Add colour to a room? Once you know exactly what these curtains need to achieve, the rest will be much easier. 


Deciding on a colour can be the hardest part of choosing curtains. Only you know which colour you like and which you don’t like. It all comes down to taste and preference. But there are a few ways to know which colours to look for. 

Start by looking around the room. What is the predominant colour? Is there too much of one tone and not enough of another? If the room is dominated by a certain colour, and needs some contrast, look for the opposite tone for your curtains. For example, if there are a lot of light colours in your room, look for darker curtains. 

You may decide that there is enough contrast in the room already, and want the curtains to work with the colours that are already there. In that case, you should look for a colour that matches the dominant colour of your room. 

Pattern vs. Solid

Once you know which colour you’re looking for, you should then decide on whether or not you want a pattern or solid design. The same methodology used in choosing the colour applies here too. 

If the room is made up of mostly solid colours, a pattern design in your curtain will balance the room out. But if there is a lot going on already, and you see patterns throughout the room, a solid colour may work better. 

You can change things up by going with a solid curtain, and adding a pattern sheer overtop of it. If you decide you don’t like the pattern, you can remove it and stick with the solid colour underneath. We have lots of sheers that can work any curtain base. 

Length and Width

There are so many options here. We previously showed you how to factor length and width into your curtain choices. Again, this ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some people want floor-length curtains, while others prefer them to be a little shorter. 

If it’s a busy room, and the curtain will likely get opened and closed a lot, you may want to let the fabric hang on its own. But if you don’t see this being an issue, you can pin the curtain to the wide of the window, allowing light to get in, but giving you control as well. 

There is no limit to choices you have when it comes to choosing curtains that work with your decor. We have a variety of curtains styles to get you started! Let us help you find the perfect curtain for your home.