Why fall is the perfect season for blackout curtains

Fall means many things. It means changing leaves, sweater weather and pumpkin flavoured everything. But it also means the transition from summer to winter, and much colder temperatures. If you’re preparing your home for the colder days ahead, we can help. 

With fall comes not only a change in temperature, but also a change in time. In November, we all fall back one hour as daylight savings time ends. This means the sun rises an hour earlier for a period of time. To prevent this natural alarm clock from interfering with your sleep schedule, blackout curtains can block light from entering your bedroom. 

There is plenty of research available that documents the importance of complete darkness during sleep. Even the slightest amount of light can confuse our bodies into thinking it’s daytime, thus preventing us from getting a good night’s sleep. 

Even if you feel like you’ve slept all night, your body may not reach REM sleep for the required amount of time, if your internal clock is thrown off by light. You may wake up feeling groggy, unrested and irritable, among the many other effects of sleep deprivation. If your room is completely dark, you give yourself the best chance of attaining REM sleep and going through sleep cycles properly. 

Lite Out has a range of curtains that come with blackout liners, as well as blackout liners sold themselves. You can add these liners to any set of curtains, and outside light will never affect your sleep again.

By blocking light and insulating the windows, blackout curtains also help maintain the temperature in your home. During the fall and winter months, temperature regulation is key to saving on energy costs and keeping you comfortable. 

Although the fall months may not be the coldest months of the year, they are some of the most unstable in terms of temperature. You may feel that you need the heat on at night, and the air conditioning on during the day. Keeping the temperature in your home regulated will prevent this wasted energy. 

Blackout curtains help you do this by blocking out sunlight, thus preventing the greenhouse effect within your home. The thermal properties in our curtains also provide added insulation, keeping the outside temperature from affecting that in your home. 

While you’re preparing your home for winter, don’t forget to add blackout curtains to the list. Check out what we have to offer, and find the perfect liners and curtains for your home.